Bloomsbury and Holborn at Night

I’ve always loved the streets and squares of Bloomsbury, so a couple of years ago, having worked late at the office and needing some fresh air, I took the long way to Holborn Tube. Perhaps attracted by the museum,  the area is a centre of the occult and esoteric knowledge. Treadwell’s and Atlantis Books, famous occultist bookshops are both within walking distance, as is the Swedenborg Society and of course Freemasons’ Hall, headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England.

British Museum
The main entrance of the British Museum.

Despite the hotels and student accommodation, this area of central London, hemmed in between Euston Road to the north and High Holborn to the south, seems to get particularly empty at night.

Lighting the way to the School of Oriental and Asian Studies

Approaching the entrance to the pedestrianised Sicilian Avenue, with its al fresco restaurants. A mile or two east of here is Saffron Hill and Clerkenwell, known as ‘Little Italy’ because of the thousands of immigrants from southern Italy that settled there in the mid-late 19th century.

Sicilian Avenue
Closing time in Sicilian Avenue

And finally to Holborn Tube Station on the corner of Kingsway and High Holborn, the ‘end’ in the ‘West End’.

Holborn Tube
The Kingsway entrance to Holborn Tube

I think the escalator at Angel is supposed to be the longest in London…but only just.

Tube escalator
The long trip underground

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